Making Old Homes Modern

There’s that certain appeal to old homes that make homeowners prefer them over new constructions or stick to them even through the years. Great neighborhood, accessibility to essential facilities, nearness to loved ones, excellent weather, and the reasons go on and on but one thing is common is this is the love developed between you and your old New York home. Changes though, are inevitable and often a familiar sign is feeling that your house does not offer enough space, functionality, and appeal. To add a dose of modern beauty and efficiency to old homes, here are top tips ideal whether you are in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, or Queens.

Outdated Electrical System

An outdated electrical system not only leads to unnecessarily wasting much needed energy due to inefficiency that results to you throwing away money but can even cause serious consequences that cost you your home and even your life. To stop wastage and prevent accidents from happening, here are several things to do:

  • The best first step to take is hire a qualified electrician to evaluate your old homes to know what areas and parts may need to be repaired or replaced with modern and more efficient electrical products.
  • Install higher volt circuits to power more or larger appliances.
  • Most old homes have 30 amp box or 60 amp service panel, which are not enough to power everyday living of today. Have these upgraded to a 100 amp service panel.
  • To avoid shock and damage to appliances, have polarized outlets.

Small and Bleak Bathrooms

The uses of bathrooms have considerably evolved throughout the years. What they were to old homes have changed and now serve more than just grooming, bathing and an area of comfort. Modern bathrooms can be considered a personal retreat of many homeowners that now house not only state-of-the-art and efficient fixtures such as low-flow toilets, waterproof televisions and sound systems, as well as home saunas. And to accommodate all these items for utmost pampering and luxury, space is vital. One common solution to this is to break down walls and extend bathroom space into the next room. But if this is not an option, there are many design techniques to implement to maximize space and make small baths look and feel bigger.

Outdated Kitchens

From a mess hall, to being the most busy room in the house where almost everything takes place, kitchens of old homes have become insufficiently equipped to meet the daily requirements of a modern family. This makes kitchen remodeling a popular improvement to undertake. Some of the most common changes include:

  • Adding kitchen island for more storage
  • Replacing outdated and insufficient appliances
  • Replacing sinks, countertops and kitchen cabinets
  • Creating a more water as well as energy efficient kitchen

But whatever tasks you plan to include into remodeling your old homes’ kitchens to efficiently address to your family’s modern needs, keep the essentials in mind. Create different work stations for a more productive food preparation and cooking.